__We help businesses become catalysts for positive change and shape a more sustainable world

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__We believe that business can improve society. This platform is designed for those who share this view and aim at shaping a more sustainable world while involving their employees in their endeavor.

__this is how it works:

What you get

__Here are some things the platform enables you to do:

__Centralize all your employees’ initiatives in one digital place and showing how engaged they are.

__Select the cause you want to support by SDG, type of action or by location.

What you get
What you get

__Strengthen cohesion at work

__by empowering your employees to create their own projects, activities and fundraising in a simple way

__Enable smart matching of projects with employees, with the right skills to meet their needs.

__When creating their own profile, employees can specify their preferences and their skills to optimize their volunteering action

What you get
What you get

__Create your own selection criteria to validate the projects

__You can build your own selection committee and oversee the projects submitted by your employees in a collegial way

__Reporting on your ESG via your dashboard

__Not only your dashboard allows you to track your employees’ engagement in real time, but you can extract from it the statistics you need for reporting purposes.

What you get

__What we can also do for you:

What we can also do four you
__Our experts in CSR and employee engagement can help you staff your programs with true cross-unit, cross-silo teams, where joint teamwork delivers maximum impact, shared success, and fun

__you are:

  • __A Corporate Executive

    __We help you make your business purpose driven to boost stakeholder value and gain competitive edge.

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  • __A HR Professional

    __We help you improve your employee value proposition to attract and retain talents.

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  • __A CSR Professional

    __We help you meet your SDGs commitments while visualizing the impact of your action.

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__What you get:

What you get

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