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make a positive impact on society

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And put your skills into action

give work a meaning

and engage your employees

We are engaged entrepreneurs who believe that businesses can transform society positively, by driving social change.

How they can do it:

by involving their employees in their endeavor, and by empowering them to act for the common good.

What we do:

We facilitate and encourage active citizen action within companies through a customizable community engagement platform designed to empower employees to:

  • Donate & fundraise
  • Volunteer & mentor
  • Create projects together
  • Boost personal
    development & capacity

whom we speak to:

  • Corporate Executives

    We help them make their business purpose driven to boost stakeholder value and gain competitive edge.

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  • HR Professionals

    We help them improve their employee value proposition to attract and retain talents.

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  • CSR Professionals

    We help them meet their SDGs commitments while visualizing the impact of their action.

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